Sima Farshineh Esfahan Company has succeeded to export the huge amount of its production to abroad and also made the Iranian yarn product wellknown among the members of global markets.

best quality

Sima Farshineh Esfahan production company known throughout the country.We attach great importance to the customer and All our products have a warranty.

Quality Control

Sima Farshineh Esfahan Company has a well equipped laboratory, quality control and production experienced staff and Yarns production BCF, CF, the heat set of excellent quality.

Simafarshineh Company

Bright and Semi dull Polypropylene yarn manufacturer

Sima Farshineh Esfahan company in 1393 in the industrial town mobarakeh has started.The company is committed to help managers and experienced staff and to apply the knowledge modern And by having advanced machinery has started production of Bright and Semi dull Polypropylene yarn And according to the high quality of our products has exported its products to overseas.


Speak CEO

Isfahan with its historical and literary background is well known in the world from a long time ago. The province also economically has a special status and now by constructing Bright and Semi dull Polypropylene yarn manufacturing companies, it plays a more prominent role in the national economy status. Sima Farshineh Esfahan Company target is, development of this industry and exploitation of the facilities and creating an infrastructure in the country. Sima Farshineh Esfahan Company is also in line with this objective. Surely all the attempts of Sima Farshineh Esfahan Company are based on the principles to help create economic boom in the region in this industry. In this way, our company is focusing on customer glorification and we are using information technology to insert all the needed information of our clients in the Information Center. I hope we can achieve our goals with the support of Mighty God and our dear clients. 


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